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Fuda 100

The Yami no Matsuei Drabble Community

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This community was started for a few reasons: 1) to get people writing YnM fic on a regular basis but, 2) to make the stories small yet challenging enough to keep writing interesting and, 3) to keep the muses flowing.

This community was inspired by and modeled after wednesday100, the Smallville equivalent.

A new challenge will be posted every Monday. You will have until Sunday to post your reply drabble. Challenges are archived in the memories.

ETA 7/16/2010: Currently, new challenges are not being posted as the moderators see to other obligations. However, members are welcome to check out the archives for old challenge topics, and write drabbles based on those topics. Drabbles not based on challenge topics are also welcome in the community, as long as those drabbles adhere to the other rules laid forth in this profile.

ETA 9/27/2010: This community is now also open to flash fiction up to one thousand words.

  1. Everything is welcome — het, slash (m/m and f/f), poly, or gen.
  2. Challenges are closed and new ones opened on Mondays.
  3. Please read each challenge carefully.
  4. All drabbles must be 100 words. If your text editor doesn’t have a word count feature, here is a bare bones word counter.
  5. There is no limit to the number of drabbles you may post per week. If you are posting several drabbles in the same entry, please use lj-cuts on each drabble.
  6. If your drabble contains sensitive or explicit material, squick or character death, it must be behind cut tags.
  7. Challenges will be stored in the Memories section after each challenge is closed.
  8. Upper limit on stories posted to this community is 200 words (double drabble length). Though if you have a sequel to your fuda_100 response, or if your response is part of a series, you may edit your response to add links to any associated fic. Also, for drabbles that you couldn’t whittle down to 200 words, there’s fuda100_uncut.
  9. New challenge topics can be suggested in the suggestions thread. To keep the comments from being overwhelming, I’ll flush out the comments every few months.


Please format your drabbles per the following template:

Subject: Challenge Topic: Drabble Title

Headers should include the drabble title, author's name, any applicable spoilers/warnings, and any pertinent author's notes, such as beta thanks, sources of titles, dialogue, or inspiration, and so forth. It's recommended that author's notes be kept brief and uncluttered. We also recommended putting a divider between your headers and the body of your drabble, such as a line of asterisks, like so:



Body of drabble

If you should need it, please look over prillalar’s Drabble-Writing Basics. Also, Rana Eros offers her essay on the drabble format, When Size Matters: Story Terminology as Determined by Word Count

If you have any suggestions for challenges, questions, concerns or suggestions on how to make the community more member friendly, feel free to contact ranalore at ranalore @ gmail dot com.

And with that, let’s have some fun keeping our pens and pencils flowing and our keyboards typing. :-)

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yami_no_matsuei — General discussion.
ynm_het_yuri — Het & yuri.
ynm_yaoi — Yaoi & slash.
fuda100_uncut — For the 100 word drabbles that couldn’t be whittled down to 100 words.

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Shipper Communities:

_promenade — Saki x Kazutaka
hijirixhisoka — Hijiri x Hisoka
hiraki — Muraki x Hisoka
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tatsoka — Tatsumi x Hisoka
tatsuki — Tatsumi x Tsuzuki
tsusoka — Tsuzuki x Hisoka
tsutari — Tsuzuki x Watari

RSS Fanfic Feed:

juohchofiles — fed from The JuOhCho Files.

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