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Fuda 100
The Yami no Matsuei Drabble Community
(Hobbies, Darkness, Inheritance, Dreams and Nightmares, Bargains) 
15th-Jul-2009 01:57 pm
by reckless_fire
Gah, missed yesterday, apologies.

Title: Hobbies
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Watari!

Watari frowned, tongue peeking from the corner of his mouth as he carefully transferred a few drops of liquid into the beaker full of boiling ingredients. This was the delicate part, too much, and he would have to start all over...

With a loud SNAP, and a puff of blue smoke the potion was finished. Quickly taking it off the heat, Watari drained the thick liquid through a special filter. A few shining drops landed in the bottom of the collection beaker.

He stared at them, starry eyed. This time for sure! This time his sex change potion would work!

Title: Darkness
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Tatsumi's powers and the end of the Kyoto arc.

There were a lot of people that were afraid of the dark. Hisoka was one of them, though Tatsumi could not blame him. Everyone was afraid of something.

But the dark, the shadows had never bothered him much. They wrapped around him like lovers, and let him shape and use them as he saw fit. They were a useful talent.

There had only ever been one time he had hesitated in using his powers. Tsuzuki lay trapped behind flames, Touda coiled around him.

Tsuzuki wanted to die in that darkness.

Tatsumi had hesitated to save him, but Hisoka had not.

Title: Inheritance
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Spoilers for book twelve.

There is an old legend, about the family that killed a god. The story of Yatonokami, forever linked to the Kurosaki family.

It is only a legend to those in the area, a story to tell on long nights at festivals. No one outside the family knew.

Nagare screamed as the being inside his body tormented him with pain and whispered curses. The scales marking him were the only outward sign of his torment, his family legacy.

Maybe this doctor, Tatsumi, could help him. As another wave of pain crested, he could only be thankful Hisoka had been spared this.

Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Two stories under here, one for each heading. Warnings for Tsu/soka and angst in the first, and disturbing non-con Muraki/Tsuzuki in the second.

He knew he was dreaming, in an distant, disconnected way. Because he could never have this except in his dreams, never have Hisoka flushed and panting under him. Green eyes looking up at him, so wide and open it almost hurt.

Could never have Hisoka gripping tightly at his shoulders, making the most amazing keening noises in the back of his throat. Couldn't have this slick slide of skin on skin, an age old game of lovers.

He knew he was dreaming, because Hisoka had never looked at him like that, eyes full of warmth, affection.

No one loved him.


He was trapped, he couldn't move, couldn't think, couldn't breathe...

Fingers trailed over his skin, down his spine. A ghost of breath across his ear, murmured words.

“Beautiful, I knew you would be surrounded by roses...” An exhale as cool fingers started preparing his victim.

“Mur-aki...” A shudder. “Stop, please stop.”

Another finger. “No, I don't think I will. We both know you don't really want this to stop.”

Emptiness, sudden blunt pressure, too much, too fast. Bitten back cries tainting the air.

“Because we both know I am the only one who loves you.”

Title: Bargains
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Fluff

Hisoka studied the catalog in front of him, eyes scanning and making selections. He wrote down a few items and snapped the book shut.

“What are you getting, 'Soka?” Tsuzuki questioned, trying to read the paper upside down.

“They are having a clearance sale. I am picking up a few things for far less than I would have paid otherwise.” Hisoka replied, leaning away from his desk. “It is a practice you should get into, then maybe you wouldn't be broke all the time.”

Tsuzuki shrugged, grinning. “Maybe later.”

“You really should save.” Hisoka sighed.

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