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Fuda 100
The Yami no Matsuei Drabble Community
(Ghosts, Food, Memory, AU, Music/Musicals) 
13th-Jul-2009 11:06 pm
by reckless_fire

Title: Ghosts
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Real life ghost stories

Ghosts were nothing new in their line of work. Hisoka was used to them even before he became a shinigami, was used to seeing them because of his powers.

Still, it was rather alarming to have been talking to a woman, one who threw a shadow even, to suddenly turn around and have her vanish.

“...and that's why we work together.” Tsuzuki looked over at Hioska, his violet eyes just a little too wide. “Please tell me you didn't know she was a ghost either.”

Hisoka blinked at Tsuzuki, shaking his head slowly. “No clue.” He managed.

Title: Food
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Don't eat Tsuzuki's sweets. Really.

Hisoka knew better than to eat anything Tsuzuki made. He remembered what had happened to the Snow Queen after eating his muffin.

So when he was suddenly presented with one of Tsuzuki's creations one morning he froze, staring at it in fascinated horror.

It looked alright on the outside, the pastry top was a golden brown, and it was still warm. It even smelled edible, sweet and just a hint of some exotic smelling spice.

“Try some! I made it this morning!” Tsuzuki looked at Hisoka hopefully.

Hisoka picked up the fork, sighing. He could only die once, right?

Title: Memory
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Tsuzuki's back story. Angst.

Tsuzuki couldn't remember his human life. He blocked it, put it behind a wall so thick he would never find it.

Until Muraki came, whispering things, with his photograph. The wall cracked. And then with Saaganatsu, the wall cracked farther, to the point where little things kept coming back. Hints of memory, ghosts of voices, fleeting pictures of the mysterious Before.

He didn't want to know, digging his fingernails into his palms until he bled. He didn't want to know what it was. If the demon wasn't lying, it was something terrible.

He couldn't live with that twice. He couldn't.

Title: AU
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) School setting, silliness.

“Class! Meet our new student teacher! His name is Kurosaki Hisoka!” Tsuzuki-sensei smiled at the smaller green-eyed male.

Hisoka approached the board and quickly wrote out his name, snapping the chalk down when he finished. He sat in the chair next to Tsuzuki's desk, preparing to take notes. Everyone said he would learn a lot from Tsuzuki-sensei, that he was the best. He was eager to make the most he could out of this opportunity.

“And it's a free period today! I want to see you all studying!” Tsuzuki called cheerfully, sitting down.

Hisoka felt his pencil snap.

Title: Music/Musicals
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable) Spoilers for the first book.

Maria Wong appeared on the TV, and Tsuzuki smiled as she was met by thunderous applause. She bowed gracefully before picking up the microphone to sing. A final song, a last farewell to a loyal audience.

It was a haunting melody, happy and somber in turn, and she sang with all her being, drawing in her audience until the last note faded.

The lights dimmed after her performance and Tsuzuki stood to go. “Brava, Maria.” He spoke softly at the TV set before turning it off.

As he walked away, he hummed softly to himself, echoing her song.

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