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Fuda 100
The Yami no Matsuei Drabble Community
(Crossovers, Voyeurism, Correspondence, Frottage, Role-reversal) 
11th-Jul-2009 10:10 pm
by reckless_fire

Title: Crossovers
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Funny if you are a huge seiyuu geek like myself. XD

“Hello? Anyone here?” Tsuzuki called, peering into the strange shop he had stumbled across. “I seem to be lost, can anyone help me?”

“Welcome to the Urahara shop!” A figure appeared out of the shadows in the shop, his wooden sandals clicking against the floor. Blonde hair peeked out from under a bucket hat, framing a friendly grin. “Where are you headed?”

Tsuzuki handed over the paper with the address and with a grin, the strange man sketched him a map.

Bowing goodbye, Tsuzuki left the shop, missing the man's snort of, “Shokan division, indeed.”

Title: Voyeurism
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Angsty view of the Count.

He was locked away in the Castle of Candles, surrounded by fragile human lives. Lives he had to end, year after year, alone.

He invited the others to tea, and it helped. Watson was always willing to deliver the invitations when the mood struck. There was laughter and the sense of belonging, of knowing the ones he surrounded himself with wouldn't die by his hand.

Sometimes his self writing book was all he had. It was comforting, in it's own way.

And then there was Tsuzuki, who shone so bright even in pictures, and was a reason to keep going.

Title: Correspondence
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Fluffy fluff and Tsuzuki being adorable.

Hisoka glanced over at Tsuzuki. The violet eyed shinigami was bent over his desk, writing at a rapid pace. Hisoka eyed the stacks of paperwork around his partner, wondering what had distracted him this time.

“What are you doing?” He finally asked when Tsuzuki reached for another sheet of paper.

With a jump, Tsuzuki looked at Hisoka. There was ink on his nose, a slight distraction from his grin. “Writing back to Souryuu and everyone!” Tsuzuki replied before returning to his task with a diligence he rarely showed other paperwork.

Hisoka's eyebrow twitched. Writing letters to his shikigami?

Title: Frottage
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Tatsumi/Watari. Smut.

The only noises in the small lab were the soft sounds of clothes rustling, choked off moans. Kisses passed between them like air, leaving them tangled together. The air becoming sticky-hot, draped around them like a heavy blanket.

Fingers tangled in long blonde hair, tie long missing. A half spoken plea, a whimpered name.

Finally skin to skin, a talented, long fingered hand wrapping around both of their erections. Quick sure strokes, bringing them both to the edge, a formula long since memorized. It only takes a twist of a wrist and they fall over the edge, slowly collapsing together.

Title: Role-reversal
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Early partnership between Hisoka and Tsuzuki.

Hisoka stared at his new partner. The older shinigami was pressed up against the glass of a pastry shop, wiggling in glee at the assortment of cakes and sweets arranged inside.

Wide violet eyes looked into green, and Hisoka backed up a step.

“Hisooooookkkkkaaaaaa.....” Tsuzuki gave the younger shinigami puppy eyes. “Can we get some? Please?”

“Absolutely not.” Hisoka snapped, feeling his face turn red as he stalked away, ignoring the pitiful whimpers from behind him.

Honestly, was this guy real? Hisoka walked faster, trying to leave Tsuzuki behind.

“Be the responsible one, whatever.” He grumbled.

12th-Jul-2009 09:09 am (UTC)
I liked the voyeurism one. The Earl's an excellent choice for that.
12th-Jul-2009 10:10 pm (UTC)
He is one of my favorite characters. It is so sad how he is always separate from everyone....

12th-Jul-2009 01:02 pm (UTC)
*squees* Re: Crossover. Can I just say I. Love. You?! That was awesome!
12th-Jul-2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
Man, I am so glad someone understands! *grins* Gotta love overlapping seiyuu, especially when both characters are so awesome.

I am glad you enjoyed!
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