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(Music setlists, Rebirth/Resurrection, Minor Characters, The Moon, Love)

Gah, missed yesterday, sorry. Here are the next five!

Title: Music Setlists
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Fluff with slight angst

There was only one radio in the small shared office. What it played depended largely on whomever won rights to it that day. (And that was based on a fiercely waged battle of rock, paper, scissors. Not that Hisoka would ever admit to playing for the radio, however.)

Some days it would be playing soft classical pieces, another upbeat pop songs. Others there would be old folk songs, and then very occasionally there would be more metal music.

Then there were times where there was nothing but cold silence in the office, neither of the occupants looking at the other.

Title: Rebirth/Resurrection
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Angst

He was there, lying just out of reach behind all of the glass, tubing and chemical laced solutions. His eyes were closed, his face lax, nigh angelic looking to anyone who happened to see. Not that anyone else could.

“That's because you are mine.” I whispered, fingers caressing the glass separating us. They curled into claws, scrabbling, trying to slam their way inside. “You hear me! You are MINE, Saki!! You bastard! I will kill you with my own hands!” I howled, my rage distorted in the reflection.

I laughed bitterly, sliding down the front of his cell.

Title: Minor Characters
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Smoking, I suppose?

Oriya stared up at the full moon hanging in the sky. The clouds drifted slowing across its face, throwing him in shadow. The coal in his kiseru flared dully as he took another puff off it.

“And where are you tonight, Muraki, my friend?” He spoke softly in the still air. “That full moon, I know you are out somewhere...” He took another drag on his pipe, face drawn into a frown.

He knew Muraki was out trying to bring those shinigami running to him.

Oriya stood slowly, watching as the clouds passed, letting the moon shine again.

Title: The Moon
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Creepy stalker Muraki.

We meet for the first time under the moon, hanging full and low in the sky, shining through the sakura. There it watched as I took your body and placed a death curse on you, erasing your memory of the night.

The moon was full the next time we met as well, years after the first. You couldn't remember me yet, not yet, and you glared at me so angrily. You looked doll-like in the moonlight. You were beautiful.

Nothing like the god beside you, the one on whom my dreams rested, but in the moonlight you were the same.

Title: Love
Author: aidymun
Spoilers/warnings (if applicable): Fluff! Tsu/soka

Everyone saw it coming before they did. Watari would invite the two of them to a demonstration, or Tatsumi would mix their mail together when sorting it. Invitations from the Count came with both their names on the same envelope.

Eyebrows raised, they just shrugged it off and went on with their days, their orbits coming closer and closer together without their noticing.

So when they found themselves kissing in their office one day, the gestures and comments from everyone else suddenly clicked into place.

They looked at each other, Hioska flushing red as Tsuzuki laughed delightedly into his hair.

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